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Wyne a Bit Brooklyn has serveral menus to enjoy such as Appetizers, Salads $7, Paninis $8 and Savory Crepes. We recommend you to prepare around 3.00 - 135.00 USD in your pocket to eat at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn . Be sure to check latest Wyne a Bit Brooklyn menu prices before ordering. Prices may change at any time. Here's latest Wyne a Bit Brooklyn menu prices:


Appetizers menu at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn price is around 3.00 - 6.00 USD.



selection of imported olives marinated in olive oil, garlic and oregano
3.00 USD


chickpeas with tahini, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice
4.00 USD

Shrimp Bruschetta

shrimp, cilantro, red onion marinated in lemon and spices. served on toasted bread
6.00 USD


pesto, olive spread, eggplant spread, bacon spread, gorgonzola & fig
6.00 - 10.00 USD

Salads $7


Caesar Salad

romaine lettuce, croutons and parmesan cheese
Check Price

Arugula Salad

arugula, blue cheese and dried cranberries
Check Price

Mixed Greens

mixed greens, goat cheese and walnuts
Check Price

Paninis $8

Served With Mixed Greens Salad



zucchini, tomato, chipotle aioli
Check Price

Air Dried Beef

arugula and brie cheese
Check Price

Spicy Salami

roasted peppers and cheese
Check Price


arugula, tomato, capers, mint pesto
Check Price


spinach, gruyere cheese
Check Price

Savory Crepes

Served With Mixed Greens Salad . Savory Crepes menu at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn price starts from 7.00 - 9.00 USD.



olive spread, tomato, spinach, sauteed mushrooms and roasted red peppers
7.00 USD


cheddar, tomato, roasted garlic and pesto
8.00 USD


asparagus, chipotle aioli and goat cheese
9.00 USD


brie cheese and arugula
9.00 USD

Speck, Gruyere Cheese

roasted garlic, chili flakes and basil
9.00 USD


onion, tomatoes, cooked in wine butter sauce
9.00 USD

Spicy Lamb Sausage

in a madeira mushroom sauce topped with gruyere cheese
9.00 USD

Dessert Crepes

Be sure to prepare enough money to enjoy Dessert Crepes at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn. The price of Dessert Crepes at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn starts from 5.00 - 8.00 USD.


Sugar, Butter And Cinnamon

5.00 USD


with choice of one: strawberry, raspberry, banana
6.00 USD

Honey, Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Ice Cream

6.00 USD

Dark Chocolate

peanut butter & strawberry
6.00 USD

White Chocolate

with oreo
6.00 USD


with coconut and baileys
7.00 USD


sugar and lemon "flambe" with grand marnier
7.00 USD

Green Apples

sauteed with brown sugar and brandy
7.00 USD

Nutella, Mango

with mango sorbet or vanilla ice cream
7.00 USD

Nutella, Banana, Coconut "Flambe"

with grand marnier
8.00 USD

Soft & Bloomy



citrusy, creamy, cake like - pasteurized goat milk - france. pair with: sauvignon blanc, pinot noir and belgian ales.
Check Price

Brie De Nangis

mild, buttery - pasteurized cow milk - france. pair with: pinot blanc, champagne and pilsner beers.
Check Price

Delice De Bourgogne

intensely creamy and buttery - pasteurized cow milk - france. pair with: pinot gris and pinot blanc
Check Price




sharp, lemony, cheddar like - pasteurized cow milk - spain. pair with: sherry, verdejo, valencian and pilsner beers
Check Price


full, fruity, nutty - raw sheep milk - spain. pair with: all red wines and dark lager.
Check Price


smooth, appley, nutty - raw cow milk - switzerland. pair with: alpine style wine, nut brown ale and an absolute must with ham
Check Price

Firm Bold & Olds


Romano Pradera Gouda

sweet, crunchy - raw cow - holland. pair with: pinot noir, wheat beers, bocks, german and austrian whistlest
Check Price


dense, salty, tangy - pasteurized goat milk - spain. pair with: cava, spanish whites, cote de cotes du rhone.
Check Price

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

sharp, floral, sweet - pasteurized goat milk - vt. pair with: ipa beers.
Check Price

Washed Rind



salty, oniony, creamy - raw cow milk - italy
Check Price


savory, grassy - raw cow - france
Check Price



La Peral

salty, spicy, fudge like - pasteurized cow milk - spain
Check Price




air cured beef loin - italy
Check Price


spicy, sweet pork salami - spain
Check Price

Beef Cervelat

herbaceous smokey beef salami - austria
Check Price

Prosciutto Di Parma

1 year salt cured ham - italy
Check Price


smoked, cured pork - italy
Check Price


country ham 2 year sugar cured ham - ky
Check Price

Draft Beers

Be sure to prepare enough money to enjoy Draft Beers at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn. The price of Draft Beers at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn is around 4.00 - 10.00 USD.


Radeberger Pilsner

clear golden color with a smooth, rich taste of hops and a crisp clean finish
4.00 USD

Founders Porter

dark, rich, and sexy. chocolate malts and four varieties of hops make this a very full flavored ale
8.00 USD

Founders Centennial IPA

pour yourself a pint of this complex flavorful ale and bask on the frothy head's floral bouquet. this ale's sweet, malty undertones balance the hop character with a finish that never turns too bitter
8.00 USD

Founders CBS

maple barrel aged breakfast stout. intense fresh roasted coffee nose topped with a cinnamon colored frothy head that seems to never fade and makes you wish breakfast could last forever
10.00 USD

Delirium Tremens

the unique taste results from the use of three different strains of yeast. it 1998 delirium tremens was crowned a world champion beer
8.00 USD

Bottled Beers

To enjoy Bottled Beers at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn, at least provide 4.00 - 24.00 USD in your wallet.


Hofbrau Oktoberfest

a rich, full-bodied beer which goes down ideally with traditional bavarian cuisine
4.00 USD

Konigs Pilsner

the king of the beers - unique in the taste. the premium-pilsner of highest quality
4.00 USD

Efes Pilsner

a combination of crystal clean water and pure culture yeast yields superb fermentation. prized in many countries for its excellent flavor and taste
4.00 USD

Old Speckled Hen

full smooth flavor and very easy to drink. rich amber color and superb fruity aromas
4.00 USD

Weihenstephan Hefeweis

nothing refreshes you more than this naturally cloudy wheat beer with its wonderful yeasty fragrance and taste
4.00 USD


gold color, a deliciously bitter taste and an excellent foam. pleasant and significant sharpness
5.00 USD

Delirium Tremens

the unique taste results from the use of three different strains of yeast. in 1998 delirium tremens was crowned a world champion beer
7.00 USD

Founders Devil Dancer

massive in complexity the huge malt character balances the insane amount of alpha's used to create this monster
9.00 USD

Founders Blushing Monk

belgian style ale fermented with pure raspberry
24.00 USD

White Wines By The Bottle

Make sure to prepare enough money in your pocket to enjoy White Wines By The Bottle at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn. The price of White Wines By The Bottle at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn starts from 32.00 - 52.00 USD.


Domaine Sautereau Sancerre - France

crisp, citrus and tropical fruit flavors. aromas of green chilies, grass, herbs and gooseberries
52.00 USD

Pra Soave 2010 - Italy

it's rich, fruity, soft medium bodied, redolent of melon, green plum and faint citrus fruits expressed in a distinctly fruity aroma
42.00 USD

Barberani Orvieto Classico Superiore 2009 - Italy

fresh and fruity in the mouth with an intense citrus and herbal note
41.00 USD

Garmendia White 2009 Organic - Spain

lemon colored, flowery and fresh fruit aromas, sweet, full and long on the palate
36.00 USD

Dreyer Sonoma Chardonnay 2009 - California

aroma of pear, hint of citrus and tropical fruit, dominant flavor of pear, ripe green apple and finish highlighting the oak aging
32.00 USD

Red Wine By The Bottle

At least provide 32.00 - 56.00 USD in your pocket to enjoy Red Wine By The Bottle at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn.


P Maufoux Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2009 - France

medium-bodied burgundy has cherry fruit along with aromas of roses and carnations with an earthy, tart finish
40.00 USD

Mark West Pinot Noir 2009 - California

enticing aromas of strawberry and raspberry with notes of caramel and vanilla
32.00 USD

Brigaldara Vallpoliciella 2009 - Italy

ruby red, medium bodied with a characteristic black cherry aroma of cherry, vinaous with hints of bitter almond
36.00 USD

Finca Valdequinea Crianza 2006 - Spain

fresh and medium body. clean ruby red color, with sweet aroma of dried berries. flavors of cherry and spices.
40.00 USD

Villa Medoro 2008 - Italy

dark purple red color with aromas of plum, spice and earth, tannin's are bold but juicy with a long fruit-filled finish.
48.00 USD

J Bouchon Melbec 2006 - Chile

soft and round tahhins with long and elegant aftertaste.powerful notes of jammy black fruits, dry figs abd honey
42.00 USD

Selvole Chianti Classico 2009 - Italy

scents of tar, smoke and underbrush that lead to juicy dark cherries. soft and polished through offers terrific balance and a long, juicy finish
56.00 USD

Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 - California

aromas of ripe boysenberry with vanilla spice and earthy hint of forest
44.00 USD

Garmendia Oak Aged Red 2005 Organic - Spain

good mouthfeel, with hints of vanilla and ripe red fruits, sweet coconut and liquorice flavor. lingering, full and well balanced palate that urges another sip
50.00 USD


To enjoy Reserve at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn, at least provide 75.00 - 135.00 USD in your pocket.


2006 Domaine St Paul Chateauneuf De Pape - France

75.00 USD

2003 Viberti Barolo "San Pietro" Reserva - Italy

135.00 USD

2005 Carpinelo Brunello - Italy

125.00 USD

2008 Alpha Omega Napa Cabernet - California

125.00 USD

Sparkling & Champagne

Be sure to prepare enough money to enjoy Sparkling & Champagne at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn. The price of Sparkling & Champagne at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn starts from 8.00 - 59.00 USD.


Gran Sarac Brut - Spain

fruity background of ripe apple, banana and pineapple with light touch of sweetness
8.00 - 24.00 USD

Dom Bertiol Prosecco - Italy

flower and fruit aromas blend seamlessly with a palate that is crisp and refreshing
10.00 - 29.00 USD

Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Brut Champagne - France

light yellow color, strong, generous nose, slightly woody and spicy. an unreserved palate, full, fruity and well-structured
59.00 USD

Dante Riveti Moscato D' Asti D.O.C.G. 2009

dessert wine - the inviting bouquet is powerful, with white plum fruits laced with some honeydew melon, citrus and heather. it's full and quite sweet, with bright fruit supported by sweet acidity that flows into a clean sweet finish
22.00 USD

White Wines By The Glass

Be sure to prepare enough money to enjoy White Wines By The Glass at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn. The price of White Wines By The Glass at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn starts from 6.00 - 10.00 USD.


Due Torri Pino Grigio 2010 - Italy

fresh fruity nose with a clean taste, mouth-filling texture and a crisp finish
7.00 - 26.00 USD

Bex Riesling 2009 - Germany

off dry, faint yellow color with white grape juice, crushed apricots and citrus rind. light, refreshing and soft and the palate.
8.00 - 30.00 USD

Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2009 - New Zealand

full-bodied palate with bold passionfruit flavors and a crisp finish
8.00 - 30.00 USD

KWW Chenin Blanc 2010 - West Cape, South Africa

dry, lycheee, grassu, pear, light-medium body tangy acidity, lingering finish
7.50 - 28.00 USD

Vivanco Rioja 2010 Spain

a blend of viura, malavasia and tempranillo blanc, it shows aromas of green apple with peach, crisp taste of tropical fruits and citrus flavors with a well-balanced acidity.
9.00 - 32.00 USD

Guenoc Chardonnay 2010 California

elegant and polished with aromas of pineapple, stone fruit and baked apple, rich with generous body and long finish
6.00 - 22.00 USD

La Chablisiuenne Chablis "Le Pierrelee" 2009 - Burgundy, France

fresh orchard fruit, complex with a hint of mineral reduction smells of citrus and white-fleshed fruits, silky, crunchy ripe fruit flavors
10.00 - 36.00 USD


$10 / $34


Sable D'Azur 2010 - Provence, France

charming aromas of strawberry, lavender and fresh apricot. dry light-bodied, fresh, elegant and zesty
Check Price

La Chasse Du Pape Cotes Du Rhone Prestige Rose 2010 - Rhone, France

delicate hint of red fruits (strawberry and cherry) and floral aromas easy drinking on the palate
Check Price

Red By The Glass

At least provide 7.00 - 12.00 USD in your wallet to enjoy Red By The Glass at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn.


Roc De Chateauvieux Pinot Noir 2009 - France

aromas of cherry, vanilla and citrus fruits with rich fruity flavors and acidic backbone with fine tanning
9.00 - 33.00 USD

Domaine De Dionysos Cote Du Rhone 2009 - France

this blend of grenache, syrah and mouvedre has a bright nose of plum and black raspberry, medium bodied with flavors of black cherry and cassis
10.00 - 36.00 USD

Sant Elena Merlot 2000 Italy

full-bodied wine flows with gorgeous dark red cherries, earthiness, minerals and sweet herbs, shows tons flavor and style.
12.00 - 44.00 USD

Pannunzio Gv Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 - Argentina

shows deep, harmonious core of ripe black fruits, lovely notes of plum, currant and spice
9.50 - 35.00 USD

Campobello Chianti 2010 - Italy

ruby color, violets and strawberries in the nose and a dry fruity taste with a pleasant finish
7.00 - 26.00 USD

Yauguen Malbec 2010 - Argentina

aromas of ripe black cherries, jammy, packed with fresh fruit and a pleasant acidity that balances nicely with the firm tanning
9.00 - 34.00 USD

Tic Tok Shiraz 2009 - Australia

spicy aromas of ripe rich fruit, generous mouth-feel with red berries, nutmeg and dark chocolate with a firm finish.
8.00 - 30.00 USD

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Wyne a Bit Brooklyn Address & Contact

Wyne a Bit Brooklyn is located at 200 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (718) 389-7171. You can get more information from their website. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Wyne a Bit Brooklyn quickly are 40.732203 ,-73.957876.

What People Ask About Wyne a Bit Brooklyn

Where is Wyne a Bit Brooklyn located?

Wyne a Bit Brooklyn is located at 200 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

What is the cheapest menu at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn ?

Olives is the cheapest menu at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn. You can enjoy Olives for 3.00 USD only.

What is the most expensive menu at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn ?

2003 Viberti Barolo "San Pietro" Reserva - Italy is the most expensive menu at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn. Be sure to have 135.00 USD in your pocket to enjoy 2003 Viberti Barolo "San Pietro" Reserva - Italy at Wyne a Bit Brooklyn.

How much should I prepare to enjoy Wyne a Bit Brooklyn menus?

You should make sure that you have around 3.00 - 135.00 USD in your wallet.

What is Wyne a Bit Brooklyn phone number?

You can contact Wyne a Bit Brooklyn at (718) 389-7171.

Can I order Wyne a Bit Brooklyn menu online?

Of course, you can order food served by Wyne a Bit Brooklyn online through online food ordering applications such as Ubereats, Postmates and Grubhub.

What kind of restaurant Wyne a Bit is?

Alcohol, Crepes & Mediterranean is located at bla bla bla.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the information on this website may not be up-to-date. For the most up-to-date pricing and menu, please contact the restaurant directly.

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