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Sher-E-Panjab in Anacortes servers several menus including Appetizers, Soup & Salads, Indian Bread and Signature Sauces. If you want to eat at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes you should make sure you have enough money to buy a pack of food. Here's the latest Sher-E-Panjab in Anacortes menu prices updated at March 2023:


At least provide 4.95 - 8.95 USD in your wallet to enjoy Appetizers at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes.


Curried Mussel

Steamed mussels simmered in our own ginger-­garlic curry wine sauce. We recommend naan for dipping.
8.95 USD


Toasted coriander and paprika dusted calamari, flash fried
6.95 USD

Batata Wada

Spiced potato rounds dipped in chick pea batter &f ield.
4.95 USD

Aloo Tikki

Mashed potato patty with garlic-­-ginger and Indian spices, cooked on the grill served cold
5.95 USD

Papri Chat

Diced Potatoes, garbanzo beans, onions, and chickpea fried triangles in a tangy sauce with yogurt served cold
5.95 USD

Fish Pakora

Pieces of fresh cod fish marinated overnight, deep fried in chick pea battered.
7.95 USD

Vegetable Pakora

Chickpea crumb fried, seasonal vegetable fritters
5.95 USD

Paneer Pakora

Homemade cubes of Indian cheese wrapped in chickpea batter and deep fried
6.95 USD

Chicken Pakora

Marinated boneless breast of chicken, chickpea battered and golden fried.
6.95 USD

Vegetable Samosas

Golden fried, filled with potatoes, flaky pastry
5.95 USD

Chicken Samosas

Golden fried, filled with delicately minced chicken, flaky pastry
6.95 USD

Fresh Chili Chicken Wings

Chickpea crumb fried, sautéed in hot and spicy sauce
6.95 USD

Veggie Combo

Combination of vegetable samosas, vegetable pakora and batata wada
7.95 USD

Mixed Platter

Combination of chicken samosa, chicken pakora, vegetable samosa and vegetable pakora
8.95 USD

Soup & Salads

At least provide 2.95 - 7.95 USD in your pocket to enjoy Soup & Salads at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes.


Mulligatawny Soup

A popular blend of minced chicken, vegetable and apple
4.95 USD

Lentil Soup

Our special fresh lentil soup.
3.95 USD

Green Salad

Mixed green with tomatoes, chickpea, cucumbers and carrots tossed with our house mango vinaigrette topped with farmers' cheese
4.95 USD

Cucumber Salad

Crisp salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers tossed with Italian dressing.
4.95 USD

Indian Salad

Green chilies, red onions and cucumbers.
2.95 USD

Tandoori Caesar

Romaine hearts tossed in Caesar dressing with herb croutons, topped with our tandoori grilled marinated breast of chicken
7.95 USD

Indian Bread

Make sure to prepare enough money in your wallet to enjoy Indian Bread at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes. The price of Indian Bread at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes starts from 2.50 - 4.95 USD.



2.50 USD

Onion Cilantro Naan

2.95 USD

Garlic Basil Naan

2.95 USD

Rosemary Naan

2.95 USD

Poppy Seed Naan

2.95 USD

Sesame Seed Naan

2.95 USD

Tandoori Paratha

Multi layered tandoor baked bread
3.95 USD

Mint Pratha

Multi layered bread, flavored with mint
3.95 USD

Stuffed Paneer Naan

Leavened bread stuffed with homemade cheese
4.95 USD

Stuffed Spinach Naan

Leaened bread stuffed with spinach
4.95 USD

Stuffed Potato Naan

Stuffed with delicately spiced potatoes
4.95 USD

Stuffed Kabuli Naan

Leavened bread with nuts, raisins & cherries
4.95 USD

Stuffed Kheema Naan

Leavened bread with spiced minced lamb
4.95 USD

Stuffed Chicken Naan

Leavened bread with savory minced chicken
4.95 USD

Tandoori Roti

Unleavened whole wheat flour bread cooked in tandoor
2.95 USD

Signature Sauces

Seasonal vegetables sauteed in vegetable oil crackled with curry leaves and fenugreek mixed into our tomato cumin sauce. To enjoy Signature Sauces at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes, at least provide 11.95 USD in your wallet.


Tikka Masala

Everybody's favorite tomato based butter cream sauce flavored with a delicate blend of spices.
11.95 - 14.95 USD

Saag Jeera (Spinach)

A quick tempering of roasted cumin mixed into our creamed spinach sauce
11.95 - 14.95 USD


A zesty, spicy, hot curry sauce cooked with potatoes.
11.95 - 14.95 USD

Creamy Coconut Curry

A unique blend of coconut milk into onion gravy
11.95 - 14.95 USD

Gill's Special Sauce

A delicate blend of Indian spices with fresh ginger and garlic
11.95 - 14.95 USD

Korma Sauce

A mildly spiced cashew and creamy almond sauce
11.95 - 14.95 USD


Fresh onion, bell peppers and tomatoes sautéed with herbs and spices
11.95 - 14.95 USD

Chef's Particularly Exquisite Dishes

To enjoy Chef's Particularly Exquisite Dishes at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes, at least provide 13.95 - 14.95 USD in your wallet.


Murgh Bahar

Marinated boneless breast of chicken sautéed with spinach, mushrooms and shaved homemade cheese in our mouth-­-watering curried wine sauce.
14.95 USD

Kabuli Chicken

Chicken medallions simmered in our tomato sauce and assorted nut puree.
13.95 USD

Chicken Pomegranate

Tandoor roasted breast of chicken, smothered into zesty pomegranate curry
13.95 USD

Mango Chicken

Boneless breast of chicken simmered in a tangy and sweet Alphonso mango-­curry.
14.95 USD

Ginger Prawn Masala

Prawns sautéed with fresh ginger-­-garlic, finished in a tomato and onion sauce
14.95 USD

Halibut Masala

Halibut fillets sautéed in curry leaves, mustard seeds, and fenugreek
14.95 USD

King Salmon Pan Seared

Ginger & peppercorn rubbed onto King Salmon, pan seared in a cast iron skillet
14.95 USD

Seafood Biryani

King salmon, alaskan halibut, prawns and penn cove mussels poached in a tomato curry over basmati rice.
14.95 USD

Vegetarian's Delight

Be sure to prepare enough money to enjoy Vegetarian's Delight at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes. The price of Vegetarian's Delight at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes starts from 10.95 - 12.95 USD.


Saag Paneer

Cubed homemade cheese simmered in our spinach sauce with roasted cumin.
11.95 USD

Vegetable Pakora Curry

Vegetable fritters simmered in yogurt and chickpea flour into gravy.
10.95 USD

Aloo Chole

Braised potatoes and garbanzo beans cooked with fresh ginger-­-garlic, coriander and tomatoes.
11.95 USD

Aloo Gobi

Braised potatoes and cauliflower with fresh ginger, coriander, cumin and tomatoes Braised potatoes and green peas with fresh ginger-­-garlic, coriander, cumin and tomatoes.
11.95 USD

Mattar Paneer

Homemade cheese cubes and green peas with fresh ginger-­-garlic, coriander, cumin and tomatoes
12.95 USD

Matter Mushrooms

Mushrooms cooked with our special blend of spices and fresh ginger-garlic in tomato based sauce
11.95 USD

Daal Makhani

Delicately spiced and gently simmered lentils
10.95 USD

Daal Tadka

Lentils cooked in sautéed onions, ginger & garlic.
10.95 USD

Vegetable Kofta

Vegetable and cheese dumplings simmered in onion gravy
12.95 USD

Paneer Tikka Masala

Homemade cheese cubes simmered in our own tomato butter-­cream sauce and flavored with dry fenugreek
12.95 USD

Fire Roasted Eggplant Bharta

Roasted and pureed eggplant, sautéed with ginger, garlic, coriander and onions
11.95 USD

Bhindi Masala

Okra cooked in fresh onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste
11.95 USD

Savory Rice Creations

Basmati rice, simmered onions and peppers with cashews and raisins. Our biryani wiht your choice of meat or vegetable. Be sure to prepare enough money to enjoy Savory Rice Creations at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes. The price of Savory Rice Creations at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes is around 11.95 - 14.95 USD.


Vegetable Rice

11.95 USD

Chicken Rice

12.95 USD

Lamb Rice

14.95 USD

Shrimp Rice

14.95 USD

Fish Rice

14.95 USD

From the Tandoor

To enjoy From the Tandoor at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes, at least provide 13.95 - 17.95 USD in your wallet.


Mint & Coriander Chicken Kebob

Boneless breast of chicken marinated in mint & coriander paste and cooked in tandoor
14.95 USD

Chicken Tikka

Savory yogurt marinated chcken, baked to perfection in our tandoor
13.95 USD

Rack of Lamb

Delicately spiced and marinated rack of lamb, flamed in our clay over
16.95 USD

Saffron Lamb Medallions

Saffron yogurt-marinated medallions of succulent lamb, tandoor baked
15.95 USD

Fish Tikka

Marinated fillets of cod into yogurt and spices
14.95 USD

Tandoori Prawns

Prawns marinated with herbs and spices, perfectly broiled over tandoor
16.95 USD

Seafood Grill

Marinated fillets of salmon, halibut, saffron prawn and cod served on a bed of caramelized onions.
16.95 USD

Mixed Grill

Rack of lamb, tandoori chicken, and chicken tikka and saffron lamb medallions served on a bed of caramelized onions
17.95 USD

Tandoori Vegetables

An assortment of onions, mushroom, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, homemade cheese, and pineapple cooked in our tandoor
14.95 USD

Side Orders

Be sure to prepare enough money to enjoy Side Orders at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes. The price of Side Orders at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes is around 1.95 - 3.50 USD.



Homemade yogurt with cucumbers, carrots, and a quick tempering of roasted cumin
3.50 USD

Mixed Pickles

Homemade spicy Indian pickles
1.95 USD


Sun dried lentil crackers, roasted in the oven.
1.95 USD

Mango Chutney

Indian Style sweet and sour sauce with mango pulp
2.95 USD


At least provide 2.50 - 2.95 USD in your pocket to enjoy Beverages at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes.


Mango Lassi

Yogurt based drink with mango pulp along a pinch of rosewater
2.95 USD

Lassi (Sweet or Salty with Cumin)

Yogurt based drink with rosewater
2.50 USD

Mango Lemonade

A blended mixture of mango pulp, lemon juice with ice
2.75 USD

Masala Chai

Our special tea with milk and spices (no sugar)
2.50 USD


2.50 USD

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Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes Address & Contact

Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes is located at 2120 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (360) 588-4793. You can get more information from their website. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes quickly are 48.504692 ,-122.612917.

What People Ask About Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes

Where is Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes located?

Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes is located at 2120 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221.

What is the cheapest menu at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes ?

Mixed Pickles is the cheapest menu at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes. You can enjoy Mixed Pickles for 1.95 USD only.

What is the most expensive menu at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes ?

Mixed Grill is the most expensive menu at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes. Be sure to have 17.95 USD in your pocket to enjoy Mixed Grill at Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes.

How much should I prepare to enjoy Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes menus?

You should make sure that you have around 1.95 - 17.95 USD in your wallet.

What is Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes phone number?

You can contact Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes at (360) 588-4793.

Can I order Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes menu online?

Of course, you can order food served by Sher-E-Panjab Anacortes online through online food ordering applications such as Ubereats, Postmates and Grubhub.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the information on this website may not be up-to-date. For the most up-to-date pricing and menu, please contact the restaurant directly.

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